Student Affairs New version 0.0.6a by Tams-senpai

Date: 27 March, 2019
Version: 0.0.6a
Language: English
Censorshipe: No
You play as a senior high school student who is in pursuit of love. One day you met a mysterious man who will change the way you live your life.

You are entangled with 5 female characters who will play a vital role on whom you’ll be having your happy ending or change the destiny by going into the route of corruption.

Will you follow your HEART or will you follow your LUST?
Change logs:


– Clio Dating scenes. (temporary)
– Clio on free roam.
– Mnemosyne on free roam.
– Uzume on free roam.

– Quest journals are being experimented and will update soon.

– 3 new Hirume scenes.
– Fixed Izanami’s scenes to be more progressive and less tedious.
– Peeking scene, shower scene, boobjob scenes at night and at bath thub.

– Removed Spy Camera
– Added Love potion. (give it to someone who is energetic!)


– Modified Arcade to be less spacious and efficient.
– Remodeled house to progress with the new story.
– Remodeled outdoor of the house as suggested as old outdoor was inefficient and too much space without any content.

– Outdated pixels are still being used.
– New pixels to be rolled out next month when it has been completed.

– Fixed Izanami’s alley event to enable a scene.
– Izanami undressing event no longer requires a spy camera.
– Acquiring lust and love points has been improved.
– Less requirements for a scene.

– Time and Day cycle has been modified.

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